Drombohilly Upper, county Kerry

V 790 608 - Sheet 84

Nearest village: Lauragh
Nearest town: Kenmare

This dramatic stone circle crowns a knoll and offers magnificent views.
Like the circle at Ardgroom Outward, almost 10 km to the SW, it features pillar-like stones.
Nine stones out of a probable 11 now remain (one of the missing stones being the axial or recumbent),
enclosing an area over 8 metres in diameter.
A short distance to the E is a rectangular grass-covered stone-built mound
which may have something to do with the circle.

A solarisation of the picture above.


Another Winter view of the same circle...


...a similar view taken from a height and showing Kenmare River (fjord) beyond...

...and the nearby Wedge-tomb in Summer.

photo by Ian Thompson.

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